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Foreign-Trade Zone Benefits

Our Foreign-Trade Zone warehouse allows us to receive and handle in-bond merchandise, allowing for maximum cost savings and flexibility for all your international logistical needs.

Crane lifting up container in yard

We receive in-bond merchandise for transloading, warehousing, handling, exporting or customs clearance.

Merchandise in a FTZ can be handled and manipulated before export or entering the US market.

Imported cargo can be received in a FTZ prior to customs clearance to minimize processing times, fees, and duties.

The processing time for moving merchandise in and out of a FTZ warehouse requires hours compared to several days for a bonded warehouse, allowing for a more efficient supply chain.

South Florida is a distribution hub for international supply chains entering and exiting the US.

A FTZ warehouse can receive and store international merchandise for export without incurring US import duties.

Customs clearance can be delayed until imported merchandise is shipped out of the FTZ, enabling delayed payment of duties to reduce your company’s working capital and improve cash flow.